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Leave the Area Involve an Adult  Victim... Don't Be Educate Your Friends


L.I.V.E. CINCINNATI is a program designed and implemented by Hamilton County Juvenile Court (Cincinnati, Ohio)
to teach children what to do if they come in contact with an illegal gun.

There is a disturbing trend in our community of children having easy access to illegal guns.  According to the Childrenís Defense Fund and the most recent data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, almost nine children and teens die every day from gunfire.  L.I.V.E. CINCINNATI, a Hamilton County Juvenile Court initiative, is designed to prevent gun violence and promote safety awareness by teaching children what to do if they encounter a gun. 

This violence prevention and safety awareness campaign relies on a variety of strategies and approaches to keep children and communities safe.  L.I.V.E. CINCINNATI strives to enhance the knowledge and skills of fifth and sixth grade students about the potential risks and consequences if they come in contact with an illegal gun by using a variety of educational activities and experiences that include: music, art, a video, print material, interactive panel presentations, and simple action steps. 

Through L.I.V.E. CINCINNATI, Hamilton County Juvenile Court joins forces with parents, children and teens, educators, law enforcement, prosecutors, parents of murdered children, and other public and private partners to keep children and communities safe.

WCPO story on L.I.V.E. (Click image to view.)


The students at Mt. Auburn International Academy (MAIA) know how to L.I.V.E.!

L.I.V.E. CINCINNATI kicked off the first presentation at MAIA on May 7th, 2012. Thanks to all those who turned out to help us. We want to express our gratitude to Principal Butler, Dr. Williams, and all the teachers, staff and students at MAIA for making us feel welcome.

If you would like to request a L.I.V.E. CINCINNATI presentation for your school or organization,
 click here to contact the program coordinator.


From the desk of
John M. Williams, Judge

Dear Students:

Although movies and video games make guns seem glamorous and powerful, the reality of illegal gun violence is very different. When someone dies in real life, you canít just reset the box.

There is a disturbing trend in our community of children having easy access to guns. It is our job at Hamilton County Juvenile Court to keep our children and communities safe. This is why we are providing this important information to you.

These tips are designed to keep you and those you care about safe. L.I.V.E. provides you with an action plan. If you find yourself in contact with an illegal gun, follow these simple steps. You have the power to save your life, and you might just save someone else, too. Donít be a victim. Choose to L.I.V.E.


 John M. Williams, Judge